Our line of work is complex, but our deep experience allows us to relish in the details. TPM Group delivers turnkey project management as we oversee a full range of building plans and orchestrate a diverse network of vendors to complete your project. 

We operate at the hub of your transition event – ensuring early communication, foresight of issues, and flexible solutions. Such logistics include:

Personnel/Asset Relocation

Document Management Services (i.e. shredding and storage)

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) Procurement/Installation/Disposal

Technology/IT Infrastructure

Building Management Services

Interior Design and Build-out

Space Planning

What can TPM Group take off of your plate? Everything.

Transition is a central need of all organizations – in either growth or recession mode – but it is chaotic and a time drain that takes your eyes off the core business. TPM Group will absorb the madness to free up your resources - delivering cost savings to your organization with reduced project timelines and improved efficiency. Here are 14 components we manage:

Master Relocation Plan (MRP) Development 

Move Committee Formation and Management

Team Meetings and Documentation

Internal Communications and Expectations Management

Relocation Budget Management

Selection of Movers

Move Preparation

Moving Event – Pre-Move Activities

Moving Event – Post-Move Activities

Vendor Coordination

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) Management

Technology Services – Telephony/Data/Copier Installation management

Special Space Coordination and Temporary “Swing” Space

Space Close-Out